Rabea Designer Embroidered Linen Collection 2014 By Shariq Textiles | Rabea Pashmina Embroidered Shawls

This is a great information for our visitors, that Shariq Textiles has launched it's an other collections titled as "RABEA Designer Embroidered Linen Collection" and " RABEA Pashmina Embroidered Shawl Collection". They offers so many seasonal collections such as casual, formal, pret and classic formals. Today we have brought two brilliant collections of Shariq Textile that are beautifully designed by Rabea—is a famous fashion designer of Pakistan. As soon as winter has start then the trend of embroidered apparels will started as well. Rabea Embroidered Series (Linen Dresses & Shawls) of 2014 will be in store from 12th December. They started to introduced their winter designs had before and this is not over. This collection is consists of fabulous linen prints nourished with beautiful embroideries and pattern designs. Now we are talking about Pashmina Shawls, these are come up with brocade work and handicrafts with multicultural silhouettes. This is a wide variety of embroidered linen fabrics that would be a great option for casual and party wear. Rabea's newest collection will truly rocks in the fashion market due to its stunning designs and elegant cuts. Let's have a closer look on both new collections. 

Rabea Exclusive Designer Embroidered Linen Collection

Rabea Linen Prints 2014/2015

 Designer Embroidered Long Shirt Fashion

Winter Wear Awesome White and Red Long Shirts

 Shariq Textile Winter Linen Designs By Rabea

 Latest Linen Printed Dresses 

 Dual Colored Frocks By Shariq Textiles

 Sleeveless Long Gowns With Printed Dubattas

 Luxury and Long Frock In Linen Fabrics

 Dual Colored Embroidered And Printed Linen Suits

 Rabea Designer Embroidered Linen Three Piece Suits

 Rabea Embroidered Long Shirt Trend

 Printed Neck Shirt By Rabea

RABEA Pashmina Embroidered Shawl Collection 2014/2015 By Shariq Textiles

 Textured Pashmina Shawls By Shariq Textiles

 Embroidered Pashmina Shawls

 Blue Embroidered Warm Shawls For Women

 Rabea Embroidered Shawl Collection

 New Pashmina Shawls

 Green Pashmina Shawl With Embroidery Work

Red Embroidered Pashmina Shawl By Shariq Textiles

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